EnergyIQ personnel have domain expertise in mechanical engineering design, mechanical contracting, power generation assets, renewable energy sources, micro-grids, demand response, control systems software development, facility management, project management and implementation, as well as construction and energy management. The EnergyIQ team understands how to implement a comprehensive facilities systems optimization project. The goal of such projects is to profitably bring new technology to existing commercial buildings for the benefit of owners, building managers, occupants and the environment.

EnergyIQ uses a completely open architecture in the design and deployment of controls and facility asset management applications. This creates an environment where all facility systems and generation assets can be unified in a single centralized hardware/software interface and accessed from any location via IoT web platforms built by EnergyIQ. Further, the information from these platforms can be used to improve operations and integrate additional valuable property management (and financial) applications and tools. The result is a facility under total control and completely optimized.

EnergyIQ combines automation systems using the latest technologies to provide its customers with an truly agnostic solution (any2any' software using Software as a Service or SaaS), which is designed to provide real time IoT web-based interactive control that does not require replacement of expensive existing mechanical or control equipment.

The entry cost for EnergyIQ building management systems is inexpensive compared to competitors, and especially compared with large proprietary hardware vendors. The company typically delivers a 24 month or less payback on system investments.

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