Demand Response Programs pay incentives for electric customers to reduce on-peak power usage to permit utilities to meet their demand when the electric grid is overburdened.

EnergyIQ's electric grid experts have developed a customizable energy software and hardware platform that enables utilities and energy marketers to expand quickly into demand response markets.

The Challenge:
Approximately one-half of peak demand in the US comes from commercial buildings. Jon Wellinghoff, Chairman of FERC recently declared that demand response is the 'killer app' of the smart grid. FERC estimates that demand response will grow three fold in the next nine years in response to energy demand expanding by 19% overall during that time.

Real time information at the property level through building automation combined with integration of valuable applications such as automated demand response ("ADR") and remote access means sophisticated building management systems are essential to profitably take action and implement an efficient, highly optimized site.

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