Utilities must reduce their peak load in order to support their aging grid and shortfall in generation capacity. EIQ works with utilities and energy marketers to consistently deliver the needed committed capacity throughout the demand response cycle. As a leading provider of intelligent building technology and skilled utility experts, we are uniquely positioned to implement cost effective demand response programs.

For The Utility or Energy Marketer
EIQ offers site specific portals to serve participants, with dashboards that aggregate energy information from hundreds and thousands of facilities into a single platform for utility needs. These utility class energy intelligent dashboards allow the aggregator to scale quickly.

EIQ's approach takes advantage of the need to unlock demand response capacity at the building level. Utilities using our services can become their own ADR aggregator with the following benefits:

Competitive Advantage
The cost of ADR that we deliver is far below market rates to build/buy
Customer Friendly
Web platform is flexible, scalable utility becomes a energy efficiency enabler for property owners
Customer Retention
Utility maintains customer relationship
Adds value to customer and utility
Ongoing financial benefits and new hardware/software
Easy to Roll Out for Utility
Packaged solution
Customized for PPE
Easy to sell to customers
Superior Approach
Unique 'white label' program is capital-lite and is scalable and reliable
System Reliability
Having distributed virtual power plants creates stronger local grid
Where you want it, when you want it
Avoids Buy/Build Issues
Short lead times
No site plan approval process
Little or no capital commitments

For The Site Owner - Participant
The facility web platform that EnergyIQ provides allows customers to view their energy information and are conveniently tied to their BMS and EMSA systems. Key usage and load shedding data can be captured and displayed on this portal. This connectivity can include all major systems such as HVAC, lighting, generators, production line information and other key load centers.

The EIQ Program Typically Involves:

  • Site Surveys
  • Enrollment
  • Utility staff training and materials
  • ADR and Technology Metering
  • Notifications/Dispatch
  • Participant Relations as Needed
  • Web Platform to Verify Performance
  • Performance Calculated
  • Incentive Analysis
  • Payment Verifications

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