Energy IQ Group's roots date to 2001 when Karl Zimmerman founded Intercon Systems to provide advanced design, and integration services of building controls and automation systems for the Florida market.

Since then, Intercon has become a leader in the building management systems industry, as well as a trusted solutions provider and systems integrator to building owners and managers, mechanical engineers and contractors, as well as controls manufacturers to solve some of the most complex building systems issues, unify building system operations and manage energy usage.

In 2009, Intercon began collaborating with International Renewables Group on energy efficiency opportunities. IRG was founded by former Florida Power and Light executives, Anthony Altmann and Joe Stepenovitch, in 2003 to provide renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions to utilities and large commercial customers throughout the US.

By the end of 2009, the two companies realized the benefits of joining together to offer a focused value proposition in energy and building system management for large commercial customers.

In 2010, the IRG and Intercon Systems joined forces and formed EnergyIQ Group. Today, combining its expertise in building controls, mechanical engineering and contracting, energy, facility management and real estate, EnergyIQ is a recognized leader in the design, implementation, and ongoing management of building management systems which are the foundation of 'smart' building infrastructure.

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