If you are experiencing high energy bills and are looking to improve your building's energy efficiency, EnergyIQ can provide solutions that will save you money while providing your occupants with comfort and control!

Energy Assessment Process
EnergyIQ provides an initial energy usage analysis of the systems in your building and provides actionable recommendations and implementation services that drive real results in a short period of time compared to most other energy investment alternatives.

Our Energy Assessment Process Includes:
  • Documenting baseline operating conditions, hours of operation and energy consumption
  • Collecting and analyzing historical energy use
  • Collecting and analyzing historical system operating data
  • Reviewing control sequences and making adjustments where required
  • Identifying energy savings measures and operational and maintenance enhancements that result in improvements in energy efficiency, occupant comfort or indoor air quality

Retro Commissioning + Analysis
EnergyIQ's measurement and verification services create monthly reports and dashboards of key building operating data including electric, gas, degree days and weather. These data points, when measured individually or collectively, offer a valuable tool for monitoring and managing your building's efficiency.

With the ability to measure your energy usage on a real time basis, you will be able to interpret the data collected by your BMS system. EnergyIQ provides advanced diagnostic and analytic capability to transform data into information that can be used to make smart decisions, lead to overall improved performance and reduced costs. With this wealth of information, actions can be taken to reduce your costs of operation in the short term and perform ongoing retro-commissioning of your building systems to create long-term results.

LEED and Energy Star certifications identify your building as environmentally conscious, cost-efficient, and state-of-the-art. Certifications such as LEED and Energy Star send a powerful message to owners, investors, potential customers, and occupants about the quality of your building. This makes your building more competitive in the market place and will drive a higher asset values through improved profitability. EnergyIQ will help you achieve certification or improve your rating by maximizing the performance of your building system.

Our experience with building and energy management systems and understanding of the LEED and Energy Star programs makes us an invaluable partner to include in the design and implementation of projects.

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