Our premier network of partners provides EnergyIQ with a complete solution which is built around our open building automation platform. EnergyIQ strives to add value to our partner's businesses by providing them with the best open architecture building automation suite and service. The key to success is to enable our partner's to provide their customers with the ability to:

  • Establish an energy consumption and operational baseline
  • Provide ongoing control, monitoring and measurement capabilities
  • Make real time adjustments to their building systems based on energy usage and operational conditions using our services and technology

The EnergyIQ Partner Program provides our partners an automation platform with a suite of services, resources and benefits to meet your strategic needs.

Our Partners Include:
Technology Partners: Technology companies that have hardware or software applications that are aligned with EnergyIQ to deliver the most robust solutions possible for our customers.

Services Partners: Professional service organizations designed to support our customers by leveraging the EnergyIQ platform with technologies and services such as strong alignment of sales teams, joint consulting engagements, and co-development projects for our mutual customer base.

Valued-Added Resellers (VARs): Network of partners that have customers that will benefit from EnergyIQ's products and services, as well as provide meaningful strategic and economic rewards to deepen our VAR's relationship with their customers.

Why Partner with EnergyIQ?

  • Leverage EnergyIQ offering with yours to grow existing or expand into new markets
  • Expand your product and service capability with EnergyIQ's IoT Platform
  • Offer a service or product offering that delivers a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace

EnergyIQ will provide business support and responsive service to your company, enabling you to resell EnergyIQ's products and services alongside your service offering or as an integrated solution. Specific services and benefits provided to our Partners include:
  • Access to an industry leading building and energy automation design, engineering and implementation teams
  • A platform that allows for simple integration of value-added applications
  • Responsive and knowledgeable team
  • Co-marketing resources
  • Access to other EnergyIQ partners to support your offering

Become an EIQ Partner Today

To achieve the highest level of success and meet the needs of your customers, the EnergyIQ Partner Program will support you with focused Partner service, flexible marketing and sales programs and a breadth of product resources.

In order to learn more about the EnergyIQ Partner Program please provide us your details below and our Partner Manager will connect with you.

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