Our demand response programs give utilities and participants clear visibility into demand response at the participant level and deliver reliable capacity for the grid though our user friendly web portal. To accomplish this, EnergyIQ utilizes best-of-breed, open-source, building automation control hardware and software platforms to build the foundation of its products and services for its utility services.

Our technology allows for seamless integration of many IP-based applications and control systems to create value to enable quick and cost-efficient start-up of DR programs at the customer site. EIQ's IQOptimizer-ADR platform acts as the brain for connecting intelligence to mechanical and electrical systems in order to reduce our utility customer's lag time to gain capacity when needed.

The IQOptimizer-ADR platform works in real time using internet connectivity to provide access to external information such as weather forecasts, pricing tariffs and utility signals for demand-response. It also provides a conduit for storing data in a central database for reporting and analytical purposes. The information stored in the database covers a wide spectrum of data acquired from the BMS as well as written to the BMS.

EIQ's systems normally contain algorithm-driven controls and sensors that connect to a wide range of energy consuming equipment, allowing for alarming and monitoring in an open architecture environment.

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