Increased value and management capability

EnergyIQ empowers asset owners to increase NOI and maximize asset values. We leverage the current technology infrastructure based on the rapidly evolving Internet of Things (IoT) to overlay a dynamic control and management system, as well as a business process management system, that increases profitability and productivity.

The result is:
  • Increased NOI and asset values
  • Decreased maintenance and capital costs
  • Significantly reducing energy consumption and costs
  • Improved occupant experience and satisfaction
  • A quick return of investment
Other benefits include:
  • Management tools to maximize the productivity of your staff
  • Operational transparency across your entire portfolio
  • Aggregation of existing and disparate building management and energy systems
  • Building process and workflow automation
  • Integration into existing accounting systems

Property Managers
Empowering Managers to improve overall system operations.

EnergyIQ enables property managers to maximize the performance of the assets they manage, while achieving greater occupant satisfaction and ultimately higher occupancy rates.

Ease of operation and implementation combined with a range of Web-based building management and analytical tools translate into fewer hours, lower labor costs, and less stress for property managers. EnergyIQ's platform is easy to use, requires minimal training and is well supported. Our energy-saving technology seamlessly integrates into existing operating, management, and financial systems. This ensures that the system that's implemented today continues to add value in the future.

EnergyIQ enables offer property managers to:
  • Increase revenue
  • Decrease costs
  • Decrease energy usage
  • Increased tenant convenience and satisfaction
Other benefits include:
  • Improved visibility and management capability
  • Control and standardization of building system management via the Web
  • Seamless integration into current systems
  • Training and support
  • Improved productivity
  • Alarming and scheduling of key building systems

Building Engineers
EnergyIQ empowers building engineers to control and optimize their building systems with intelligence.

EnergyIQ supports building engineers in their effort to control and optimize their building systems, while achieving the goals of owners and management. We offer numerous technical benefits, that include ease of implementation and integration with existing building, as well as energy management technology.

With the intelligence of EnergyIQ building engineers are able to:
  • Improve tenant comfort and satisfaction
  • Standardize business and operating processes
  • Automate alarming and scheduling of your equipment
  • Solve building system problems
Other tangible benefits for building engineers include:
  • Ease of implementation and integration across disparate systems
  • Extends the life of HVAC equipment
  • Time to concentrate on the physical infrastructure and operating environment
  • Ability to directly and positively impact profitability
  • Reduced maintenance costs

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